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Drinking Games: King’s Cup

Looking for a good icebreaker game? Need a  good game to play with new people? Then King’s cup is your game.   No matter the variation of King’s Cup you’re playing, the basic premise is the same. GET DRUNK.  You will need:  a deck of cards; a “king’s” cup (although not necessary) plenty of beer or some […]


Hangover-Free Beer (Beer “Gatorade”)

What country first invented hangover-free (electrolyte-infused) beer? If you answered Ireland or Germany, nice try. Those were our best guesses, too. The answer is Australia.  Aussie nutrition researchers at Griffith University’s Health Institute enriched commercial light beers with electrolytes. After distributing these concoctions to test subjects who had been subjected to a strenuous workout, Aussie researchers […]