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Hangover Cure: Hydrotherapy (AKA, Cold Shower)

Wash away the stink and toxins while you ease your muscles from whatever the hell happened last night.   Question: What could feel better than a nice, steaming shower? Answer: A shower that ends with a cold rinse.     Brief History of Hydrotherapy: Despite the modern availability of hot water, cold water rinses and […]


Drink Mix: Gorilla Fart

You and your fellow primates craving a pleasurably-burning, yet simple-to-make, concoction? Try a Gorilla Fart.   Ingredients: Bacardi® 151, whiskey Suggested containers: shotglasses   Grab equal parts Bacardi® 151 rum and whiskey, and pour into shot glasses. Ideally, use one ounce of each for every two primates taking shots.   Feel free to play with […]


History of Alcohol Proofs

You know what alcohol by volume (ABV) is. But, there’s also this figure, called “alcohol proof”, which is basically double the ABV. Where does the concept of “proof” come from? Why do we need this second number? Okay, dorks. The following question-and-answer goes through some basic you-should-knows. (1)  Where is the concept of alcohol proof from? The practice […]


Coffee Alcohol

Does the thought of used coffee grounds make you feel ill? Well, it could also make you drunk! Read on… Like most of America I start my morning with a cup of Joe. And by one cup, I mean three. This creates a lot of accumulated waste. Fortunately, scientists have come up with other uses for […]


Two Drink Strategy

Some Other Great Stuff From Turn Up What the Drink You Order Says About You History of Alcohol Proofs Coffee Alcohol Drink Mixes: Irish Car Bomb


Hangover-Free Beer (Beer “Gatorade”)

What country first invented hangover-free (electrolyte-infused) beer? If you answered Ireland or Germany, nice try. Those were our best guesses, too. The answer is Australia.  Aussie nutrition researchers at Griffith University’s Health Institute enriched commercial light beers with electrolytes. After distributing these concoctions to test subjects who had been subjected to a strenuous workout, Aussie researchers […]


Smoking Alcohol?

Nowadays, people will smoke anything in an attempt to get hyped. Did you know some people are smoking alcohol? In recent years, mechanical devices have been introduced that aerosolize the alcohol. These devices work by warming up the liquid until it reaches the vapor point. People looking to get turnt can then inhale the resulting “smoke”. […]


Drinking Games: Never Have I Ever

“Never Have I Ever”, “Ten Fingers”, “I Never…”–whatever you choose to call it, the game is pretty much the same. And, it’s a classic icebreaker for turning up.  The objective of this game is simple: get your friends turnt while subtly encouraging them to reveal seedy details about their past. This icebreaker works even better against old friends, because […]