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Drinking Games: Pass the Doody

This drinking game is simple, quick and easy to learn. 

The Rule: Players must avoid ending up with the lowest card, or “doody”. Ace is the lowest “number”.

Card Turn Up

What You Need:

  • A deck of cards.
  • A table with your friends gathered around.
  • Beer.

How to Play:

  1. Have everyone at the table grab a can of beer.
  2. Remove the Joker cards from the deck. Shuffle.
  3. Have each player draw a card. The player who draws the lowest number (remember: Ace is rock-bottom) will be the first dealer.
  4. The dealer passes out one card, face-down, to each person except himself or herself.  Players are allowed to peek at their own card, but no one else’s.
  5. The game continues counterclockwise.sign turnup
  6. The round ends once the last player (sitting to the dealer’s left) goes. If that final player decides to switch cards with the dealer, the dealer must draw a card from the top of the deck to exchange to the last player. If the last player does not wish to exchange, the dealer draws and retains the top card from the deck.
  7. This concludes one round. The player with the lowest number receives a “strike”. For every three strikes, a player must chug a can of beer. #partyhard

partyhard turnup




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Helen Yang ("Hel Ya", Writer) synthesizes Turn Up's creative energies into online form. She has partied in cities outside of New York from L.A. to Shanghai. Hel Ya currently resides in Queens, NY.

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