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Party Theme: Toga!


What screams Greek Life more than drinking? Adding togas to the mix. 

toga turnup

Take a cue from the movies. “Toga, toga, toga!”

A toga party may very well be the simplest party theme to dress for. All you need is a bed sheet or some similar large piece of fabric to wrap around like toga. Turn Up Tip: Don’t feel like you’re limited to white or off-white fabric choices. You actually stand out more with crazier patterns. And standing out is a good thing!

And for the ladies? Remember: “less is more.” (credit to

Attempt at least once before your college years adjourn, even if you’re not actively involved in Greek life. Later on, you’ll be limited to Halloween, when it’s colder outside.

toga party theme turn up

“Toga! Toga! Toga!”


Less is more! 



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