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Party Theme: Rubik’s Cube Party


(Monday, May 19 2014) HAPPY 40th Anniversary to the Rubik’s Cube®! 


Happy birthday to me!

To celebrate, try a 80’s party theme spin-off. Below is how to throw a Rubik’s Cube party, where you strip with a purpose! 


The objective of this party theme/game is pretty straightforward. Everyone at the party must (1) arrive wearing all colors of the Rubik’s Cube; and (2) “complete” their puzzle by “stripping and swapping” with others to create a new outfit of one uniform color.

Cube Party Turn Up

Rules and Pointers:

  1. Have people wear all colors of the Rubik’s Cube (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and white).  Make undergarments mandatory, so that your Rubik’s “pieces” can strip and swap in a decent manner. Encourage quirky accessories—the kind that you can only get at a thrift girls turnup
  2. Decorate the party with Jell-O® shots in all the Rubik’s colors, colorful games like Twister, and Rubik’s Cubes.
  3. Have your group decide to change clothes by either (a) swapping whenever a new song is played; or (b) switching throughout the night by one-on-one bargaining.
  4. Award prizes (maybe Rubik’s Cubes?) for: (a) first to “solve” his or her clothing, (b) sexiest guy and girl outfits, and (c) funniest final outfit.
  5. BONUS TURN UP TIP: Make sure everyone knows that boxers and bras count as a layer!




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