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Party Theme: Heaven and Hell


The classic “heaven and hell party” makes it relatively easy to gear up and turn up within a few hours. 

Heaven & Hell Party Theme TurnUp

Bonus: pick-up lines like “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” might actually work.


Go all out given your prep time frame and party space.  It is suggested you designate at least two separate rooms for this event: one for heaven, and one for hell. (Turn Up Tip: Upstairs should be heaven. Downstairs, hell). Tell the wallflowers to go outside if they’re looking for limbo.

The “heaven room” or area should:

  1. be completely covered with white everything;
  2. be adorned in fluffy items to mimic clouds (Turn Up Tip: Stick together some cotton balls);
  3. welcome guests with calm and soothing music or some trance, like Armin or Kaskade; and
  4. have halos for people to wear.

The “hell room” or area should

  1. have the walls covered with red and black sheets or paper (Turn Up Tip: Dot the area with some fake blood);
  2. have a dark and creepy vibe;
  3. offer minimal lighting; and
  4. provide something excessively strong, like devil springs vodka or a turned-up jungle juice recipe.

Final Turn Up Tip? Add an twist to your heaven and hell party by requiring that guys attend as angels; girls, devils. Doing so challenges the stereotype, girls good, guys bad, on its head. The male-female dynamics might get a bit more interesting…

good and bad heart


Setting the mood is absolutely crucial to executing the heaven and hell party theme. Don’t worry about being corny–go for it! 


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