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Party Theme: Greek Mythology

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Not active in Greek Life? Not an excuse.


You’ve wanted god-like powers since you were a kid, so you could fend off mythical monsters while winning the admiration and eternal love of other deities.




Okay. Gear up:


(1)   Scroll invitations. Print out the invitations on off-white paper, and roll ‘em up.

hermes scroll turn up

(2)  A “VIP list” of Greek gods and goddesses. Guys can come dressed as Zeus, Apollo, Dionysus, Poseidon, or Hades. The ladies’ VIP list should include at least an Aphrodite, Athena, Gaia, Hera, Nike, and Persephone.

sirens turn up


(3)  Baddies. Appoint a girl to be Medusa. Let some guy be Cyclops.


(4)  Decorations. Drape the room(s) in white or burgundy fabrics. Garnish the fabric with ivy plants or olive leaves from a craft store.


greek letters turn up




(5)  Favors. Olive wreaths (a.k.a. crown of laurels) should be ready for each guest upon arrival.

gold favor turn up

(6)  Food. Serve Caesar salads, pasta and grapes.


(7)  Drinks. Prepare plenty of red wine and a punch bowl of ambrosia (the drink of the gods, which granted immortality).


(8)  Dress code. Make togas mandatory.



toga code turn up


(9)  “Drunken “Olympics”. Sports alongside debauchery? The Greeks would be proud.



Well, then. Let out your inner deity, and get turnt! To Greek hedonism!


Turn Up Tip: Add golden and silver balloons to the room to amp up the hedonistic spirit.

gold and silver balloons turn up


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