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Party Theme: Anything But Clothes (ABC)


Self-explanatory, right? An Anything but Clothes (ABC) party’s only rule is that you can wear anything. Yes, anything. As long as it isn’t clothing.

fuck cloth turnup


  1. Ask your guests to attend in everyday items. Such items include, but are not limited to: (a) duct tape (and any tape, really); (b) burlap sacks or trash bags; (c) aluminum foil; (d) bubble wrap; (e) bed sheets; (f) blinds or curtains; (g) holiday wrapping paper; (h) furniture; (i) stationary; (j) food (yeah, seriously); and (k) you get the point…NO CLOTHES!
  2. Invite twice as many ladies as gents.

    girls without cloth turnup

    Girls tend to be more…creative, right?

  3. Encourage people to let their imaginations run wild (Turn Up Tip: Award grand and runner-up prizes for outfit creativity so that guests will be even more inclined to dress up! As a bonus, more friends will show up to see just how crazy their peers will go in order to win).
  4. Remind people that it’s okay (actually, common sense) to wear or at least bring undergarments and an emergency change of clothes. Wardrobe malfunctions happen.
  5. Be prepared for a major post-party cleanup, as successful ABC parties typically leave behind a decent amount of discarded “clothing”.




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Helen Yang ("Hel Ya", Writer) synthesizes Turn Up's creative energies into online form. She has partied in cities outside of New York from L.A. to Shanghai. Hel Ya currently resides in Queens, NY.

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