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Drinking Games: Never Have I Ever


“Never Have I Ever”, “Ten Fingers”, “I Never…”–whatever you choose to call it, the game is pretty much the same. And, it’s a classic icebreaker for turning up. 

The objective of this game is simple: get your friends turnt while subtly encouraging them to reveal seedy details about their past. This icebreaker works even better against old friends, because you already know some juicy details to use against them.


  • A playing space
  • A group of friends
  •  A large amount of alcohol
  • A seedy past

Fun Game Turn Up


How to Play:

  1. Make a statement such as “Never have I ever been arrested”. If anyone has ever been arrested then they must take a shot/drink. If no one in the group makes takes a drink, then the person who made the statement must take a drink. Every time you take a drink put a finger up. People generally stop after 10 fingers because at that point everyone is turnt.
  2. Statements may not be repeated and the person making the statement must have done it themselves. Making things up is totally lame.
  3. The winner (or loser depending, depending upon how your objectives) is the person with the least fingers up by the end of the game.



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Hel Ya

Helen Yang ("Hel Ya", Writer) synthesizes Turn Up's creative energies into online form. She has partied in cities outside of New York from L.A. to Shanghai. Hel Ya currently resides in Queens, NY.

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