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Drinking Games: King’s Cup


Looking for a good icebreaker game? Need a  good game to play with new people? Then King’s cup is your game.

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No matter the variation of King’s Cup you’re playing, the basic premise is the same. GET DRUNK. 

You will need: 

  • a deck of cards;
  • a “king’s” cup (although not necessary)
  • plenty of beer or some lower-proof alcohol beverage. (Turn Up Tip: Lotsa drinking ahead, so try to avoid anything higher than twenty-proof).


The rules:  Each card has a different rule or mini-game attached to it; sort of like a Mario Party for adults. By taking turns at drawing cards each person selects a mini-game for the group to play. This provides an icebreaker opportunity for all involved–great for getting to know that girl you’ve had a crush on since like last September. Sit in a circle around the king’s cup with a deck of cards. Pick a starting point and go clockwise from that person. Every time a card is picked remove it from play until you go through the whole deck.

Ace – Waterfall: The player who picked this card starts drinking. Everyone in the circle follows suit. Nobody can stop until the person before them has. Pray that the one who flipped the Ace isn’t a beer guzzler. It’s not uncommon to see the entire circle downing two cans each when a beer lover flips an Ace. .

2 – You: Person who picks the card chooses a person to drink. (Turn Up Tip: as the game goes on, keep mental track of who’s “mates” with who).

3 – Me: Person who up the 3 card drinks.

4 – Floor: Everyone touches the floor. Last person to do so drinks.

5 – Guys: Self-explanatory.

6 – Chicks: Also self-explanatory.

7 – Heaven: Everyone puts their hands up in the air. Last person has to drink. (Turn Up Tip: don’t scream “7!!!!” when you get this card, if someone isn’t paying attention, they deserve the penalty).

8 – Mate: Pick someone to drink when you do. (Turn Up Tip: try to link players so when one person drink everyone does, opposite gender is always a good choice since they’ll have to drink when the guy/girl card is picked).

9 – Bust a rhyme: Two ways to do this depending on your rapping skills. You can just rhyme a word or actually “bust a rhyme.”

10 – Rule: Make a rule. If anyone breaks the rule they have to drink.  (Turn Up Tip: funny to do rules like “Don’t use names” or “don’t curse,” a lot harder to do then you would think).

Joker – Categories: Pick a category and go around the circle mentioning things from it until someone stutters or repeats.

Queen – Questions: Talk in only questions. For this card you don’t need to go around the circle in any order, better not to actually. The order does not matter. You need to answer the question with a question. If someone actually responds to the question, or repeats, they lose.

King – Pour into King’s Cup: The person who flips a King has the simple task of pouring whatever they want into the king’s cup.






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