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Foreign Celebration: Holi – The Original “Life In Color” (Hindu)


The “Life in Color” experience is actually an offshoot of an ancient Hindu celebration called Holi.

Holi is meant to celebrate the end of winter and beginning of spring. It is also known as the festival of color or love.

The celebration is broken into two days. The first takes place at night along a big bonfire. In place of headlining music acts or electro beats, festival-goers take to singing, dancing and general frolicking throughout the celebration grounds.

The second day is when “life in color” really begins. A powdered color fight takes place, as attendants pelt each other with mixes of colored water and powder. No one is safe from the rainbow onslaught. This experience helps unify all socioeconomic classes and ages through bright color. Water guns and balloons filled with colored water are acceptable weapons during this event.

If you want to experience a local version of Holi, look no further than a color run. View a traveling schedule here.

If you insist on going to war with your friends, pick a spot, invite everyone, and make plenty of colored powder:




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