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Hangover-Free Beer (Beer “Gatorade”)


What country first invented hangover-free (electrolyte-infused) beer?

If you answered Ireland or Germany, nice try. Those were our best guesses, too.

The answer is Australia

Aussie nutrition researchers at Griffith University’s Health Institute enriched commercial light beers with electrolytes. After distributing these concoctions to test subjects who had been subjected to a strenuous workout, Aussie researchers determined that the electrolyte-laden brews were up to three times more hydrating than their unaltered versions.

 Hangover free beer turnup

The reason was that the electrolytes combated the dehydration that regular beer usually causes. Dehydration happens to be a leading contributor to hangover severity.

For a beer-loving nation, the findings from Down Under would bring mates in the U.S. together for more celebratory pints. Except, two caveats remain. First, the electrolyte-enhancing process is, at this time, only possible with light beers hovering around 2.3% alcohol by volume.

Second, this enriched beer is not yet commercially sold in the United States.

–Bugger! Guess you’ll be needing that Gatorade, after all. 


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