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Hangover Cure: Hydrotherapy (AKA, Cold Shower)


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Wash away the stink and toxins while you ease your muscles from whatever the hell happened last night.


Question: What could feel better than a nice, steaming shower?

Answer: A shower that ends with a cold rinse.


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Brief History of Hydrotherapy:

Despite the modern availability of hot water, cold water rinses and soaks remain a viable remedy for a range of afflictions. Around the 1820s, German farmer, Vincenz Priessnitz, first to researched and took advantage of the beneficial effects of a cold water therapy, or hydrotherapy. Priessnitz’s client list included royalty like dukes, duchesses and princesses. All flocked for treatment on ailments ranging from broken bones to erectile dysfunction!


One popular hydrotherapy proponent was Englishman Charles Darwin, a chronically sick person. An even more popular (but fictional) proponent was and is James Bond. In fact, The Art of Manliness associated the cold shower rinse to 007 himself.


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Hydrotherapy gained U.S. popularity beginning in 1843. Today, Priessnitz’s cold water method is popular with athletes suffering from muscle or joint pains.


Benefits of Hydrotherapy:

You don’t have to be an injured athlete to benefit from hydrotherapy. Turn Up recommends cold water rinses (or soaks) for at least ten therapeutic effects, in particular those that help alleviate a hangover:

(1)   Strengthened immunity against colds, flu and infections.

(2)  Improved circulation, due to vasoconstriction.

(3)  Regulation of body temperature, i.e. for those with chronically cold extremities or who find themselves always disproportionately sweating compared to peers in the same environment.

(4)  Weight loss, because cold water stimulates brown fat production. Brown fat, in turn, leads to higher metabolism due to its faster energy consumption rates.

(5)  Relief of depression, by stimulating production of noradrenalin.

(6)  Helping the lymphatic system to get rid of toxins more easily, when whole-body muscle contractions help carry waste up to the thoracic duct to be processed out of the body.

(7)  Increases oxygen intake, almost involuntarily (think about how exercise is a beneficial stressor for your body. Same thing here).

(8)  Improved skin, hair and even nails: tights pores and follicles, which results in more glow and shine.

(9)  Mental invigoration as you prepare to face the day.

(10)           Increased beneficial hormone production, including endocrine (adrenal and thyroid) activity.



How do You Take a “James Bond Shower”?

(1)   Begin your shower as usual, suds-ing up with shampooing and soap under warm water.

(2)  When it’s time to rinse everything off, slowly crank the water to as cold as you can handle. If you can hover around 14 degrees Celsius (57 degrees Fahrenheit) for around thirty seconds, you’re off to a good start.


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(3)  Meditate while rinsing.





So, make like Bond. Embrace your inner toughness by turning your thought to recent dangerous job “encounters” or, more importantly, to women. And, no, hydrotherapy doesn’t give you access to Bond’s swag shop or harem of female followers, though.

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