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Drinking Games: Fubar (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition/Relief)


This game is best left to the hardcore.

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What You Need:

–         A shuffled deck of cards,

–         A table where you will scatter the cards face-down,

–         Three or more buddies, and

–         Either: (a) one shot glass per player; or (b) at least one beer for everyone participating.



Acetwo or threeDrink the number drawn. Example: If you draw a two, take two shots, or two swigs of your beer.

Four: Questions. Make eye contact with another player, and ask him or her a question. That person continues by turning to another player, making eye contact, and asking a question. That question does not have to directly answer your question. The first person to mess up the stream of questions drinks.  Example: “Why are you here?” “—How come you can’t tell me?” “—What are you guys getting at?”…

Five: Five drinks. Allocate five shots or beers to one person, or split among everyone else playing.  (Turn Up Tip: Form an alliance with another player and gang up on the other players with this card.)

Six: Play “Never Have I Ever”.

Seven: Thumb-master. The person who drew the card can, at any time onwards, place a thumb down on the table. Everyone follows suit. The last player to with a thumb on the table has to drink.

Eight: Categories. Pick a category. Each player must name something belonging to that category. First player who draws a blank, drinks. Example: “Companies that manufacture pens.” “—Bic.” “—Papermate.” “—Staedtler.” “—Uniball.” “—Zebra.”

Nine: Rhyme. Begin with a word of your choice (“Me.”). Going around the circle, everyone answers with a rhyming word. Example: “—She.” “—We.” “—See?”

Ten: Everyone drinks.

Jack: Guys drink.

Queen: Girls drink.

King: Play “waterfall”. Everyone must immediately start drinking. The first player to begin drinking continues until they can’t. The second player cannot stop drinking until the first player stops. Likewise, the third player must wait for the second player to stop drinking. (so don’t be last, unless you like drinking a lot real fast!)


The Winner is the last one standing/drinking!


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