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Drinking Games: Four Banger

FOUR BANGER: A fun way to get people up and moving!

What You Need:

  • Four full cans of beer,
  • One ping pong ball,
  • A large rectangular table (preferably a ping pong/beer pong table), and
  • Four people.

banger turnup

 How to Play:

  1. Place the four beers cans on the very edges of the table.
  2. Pick a teammate, and have him or her stand on your side of the table.
  3. Flip a coin to see which team goes first.
  4. If you go first, you or your teammate throws the ping pong ball at either of the beer cans across the table. If the opposing team’s can falls off from the table, the player who hit it starts chugging!
  5. Meanwhile, the opponent whose can was hit scrambles to grab the loose ping pong ball and throw it to his or her teammate. That teammate must successfully catch the ball, slam it on the table and yell, “Stop!” If the teammate does not catch the ball, he or she has  pick it up to throw back to the other player, who tries to successfully catch the ball to slam on the table.
  6. You (or your teammate) must stop drinking upon hearing “stop” and the ball on the table.
  7. he teams take turns until one side has finished chugging both beer cans. Both players on that team must hold the cans upside down and over their heads to show that the cans are empty.

The team that finishes their beers first, wins. If you are part of the losing team you must finish all the beer left on the table.

Turn Up Tip: Try wagering some shots for the losing team instead.


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