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Drinking game: Beer Die



Beer die is traditionally a “gentleman’s game”. Problem is, this outdated title excludes all the girls with tossing consistency, lightning reflexes, and—perhaps most importantly—drinking stamina.

You know. The classy ladies.

Game faces on, Ladies and Gents.



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The object of beer die is to be first team to five (or seven) points, or the last team standing. Whichever comes first. Players score by (1) tossing a dice into the opposing team’s cup(s), or (2) bouncing a die off the table without the other team catching it.

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You will need:

↑ Four players.
↑ A six-sided dice.
↑  A table you would use for beer pong (standard length of eight feet).
↑ Four (preferably) identical chairs.
↑ Four party cups (preferably, twenty ounces).
↑ Beer.

How to play:

Set up by divvying up into two teams. Pour either one can or twelve ounces of beer into each cup. Position one cup in each of the four corners as follows: one forearm’s length away from the shorter edge, and one hand away from the longer edge. If you want to keep score, have both teams agree to play either first to five points, or first to seven. Also decide Have everyone sit down.


Follow these rules:

  1. The oldest player tosses a die first. Subsequently, turns proceed in a ‘Z’ formation.
  2. You score by hitting the opposing team’s cup (‘body’ or ‘plink’), sinking the shot into a cup, or bouncing the die off the defending side’s edge without their catching it.
  3. All shots must land on the table. Automatic points to defending team each time offensive team’s shot hits the ceiling or misses the table completely.
  4. Hands cannot go over the plane of the table.
  5. Penalty points awarded to other team when you:

↑ Use both hands instead of just one to catch the die.
↑ Utter either five or seven. Instead, substitute ‘biz’ for five and ‘buzz’ for seven.
↑ Accidentally drop the die into your own cup (‘splooge’) or onto the table in between shots.


Keep it classy, respect the die gods and turn up!


Turn Up Tip: If nothing else, remember that reflexes, consistency, and drinking stamina will get you far in beer die. Goodnight and Godspeed.


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