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What the Drink You Order Says About You

You and your friends settle down into your cushy barstools. Two tables over, a whiskey snob yaps on nonstop about how to smell, sip and savor whiskey based on the type of glass s/he’s holding. You’re thinking, Wow, this person overanalyzes his or her drink. What else does s/he overanalyze?

You then find yourself thinking, What kind of people gravitate towards whiskey?

…And, how about other drinks?

We’ve been in your shoes and wondered, too. See the below list for some of our observations.

1) Jack & Coke: You probably shop at Gap or another generic store.

gap logo turn up

2) Red Bull & Vodka: You’re a weekend warrior, starting with a heavy dose of #partyhard on Friday. You usually anticipate writing the rest of the weekend off, anyway.


red bull turnup

3) Vodka Cranberry: You’re afraid you might break your nails on either your first drink ever, and/or you’re a suburbanite sporting your brand-new fake ID

Turn Up

4) Cosmo: What VodkaCranberry (drinkers) later mature into.

Turn Up

5) Tequila: You’re out on the prowl. You could get pregnant this very night.

Party Turn Up

6) Rum & Coke: You’re a tequila drinker, and you’re pre-gaming.


7) Beer: You’re a frat boy, or you aren’t trying to show off your imagination that night.


8) Champagne: You’re so totally not the prissy, model type

Turn Up

9) Long Island Iced Tea: You’re “well-rounded”, as you enjoy the whole spectrum of alcohols offered. Or maybe you’re just damn indecisive.

Long Island Iced Tea Turn Up

(10) Anything “on the rocks”: You “got balls”. But really, you’re just throwing some fiery liquid courage down your throat in hopes of “scoring” later in the night.

Rocks Turn Up

Bottom line? If you and your already-turnt friends are scanning the drink menu for straight-up shots, you just might shop at Turn Up! Feel free to continue ignoring the whiskey connoisseur’s discussion of the nuances of different grains of wood in whiskey barrels, and #partyhard!


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