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Does the thought of used coffee grounds make you feel ill? Well, it could also make you drunk! Read on…

Like most of America I start my morning with a cup of Joe. And by one cup, I mean three. This creates a lot of accumulated waste.

grounds leftover

Fortunately, scientists have come up with other uses for leftover grounds have some other uses. One such discovery allows coffee lovers turn up, thus satisfying two of the most basic human needs: coffee and alcohol.


Scientists discovered that fermenting coffee grounds yields forty-percent alcohol (eighty proof). This is higher than the ABV in Smirnoff’s flavored vodkas! The process involves heating the coffee grounds in 325-degree-Fahrenheit water for forty-five minutes. Scientists then strained the liquid, and added sugar and yeast. Taste-testers tried the results, and thought the concoction was just coffee.What’s cool? This process negates the effects of caffeine. So you get the taste of coffee, with the effects of alcohol.  If anything, this will make sneaking alcohol into events a more interesting.

Seems like science is encouraging us to turn up. Whatever your drink of choice, party hard or go home.


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