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Random Festival: Outside Lands (San Francisco, CA)

2008 introduced a few changes: Barack Obama as the first African-American U.S. president, legalized same-sex marriages in New Hampshire, and the near-closing of Sallie Mae and Freddy Mac. Oh right, we forgot something: The start of Outside Lands Music Festival!  Occurring in the heart of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, Outside Lands has run every year since 2008. […]


Random Festival: Full Moon (Thailand)

Most foreign festivals are yearly, leaving us counting down the days until the next one. In contrast, Thailand’s Full Moon Festival reduces your wait between turn up sessions to just one month!    Full Moon Festival is just that–celebrating the return of the full moon as a reason to get hyped. This festival pretty much guarantees the average moon-worshipers a special night […]


Random Festival: The Voodoo Experience (New Orleans)

Since 1999, the “Voodoo Experience”has morphed into New Orlean’s biggest annual concert event, bringing in upwards of 100,000 visitors. Whereas in some past years the event takes place before or after Halloween, the 2014 experience starts right on Halloween (Friday, October 31, 2014)! Taking place at the City Park in New Orleans, this concert promotes […]


Five Reasons to Attend Ultra Music Festival

The anxiously awaited, highly anticipated 2014 Festival Season has arrived! And with it, comes the familiar question, “Which festival(s) am I going to attend?” The immediate answer may be, “ALL OF THEM,” but if you’re like me, that would be financially impossible. So, we must begin our hunt for the perfect festival(s). And, while obvious […]