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Party Theme: Greek Mythology

Not active in Greek Life? Not an excuse.   You’ve wanted god-like powers since you were a kid, so you could fend off mythical monsters while winning the admiration and eternal love of other deities.   Right?   Okay. Gear up:   (1)   Scroll invitations. Print out the invitations on off-white paper, and roll ‘em […]


Party Theme: Toga!

What screams Greek Life more than drinking? Adding togas to the mix.  A toga party may very well be the simplest party theme to dress for. All you need is a bed sheet or some similar large piece of fabric to wrap around like toga. Turn Up Tip: Don’t feel like you’re limited to white or off-white fabric choices. You actually stand […]


Party Theme: Rep Your City (or Borough, Region, etc.)

Want to try something more unusual? Outta ideas for a college party where peers are from all states? Give the “rep your city” party theme a spin .   Variety’s the name of the game here. For costumes, sports teams, city stereotypes, famous people from there, all suffice! But the more creative, the better. The party […]


Party Theme: Rubik’s Cube Party

(Monday, May 19 2014) HAPPY 40th Anniversary to the Rubik’s Cube®!  To celebrate, try a 80’s party theme spin-off. Below is how to throw a Rubik’s Cube party, where you strip with a purpose!    The objective of this party theme/game is pretty straightforward. Everyone at the party must (1) arrive wearing all colors of the Rubik’s Cube; and (2) “complete” […]


Party Theme: Heaven and Hell

The classic “heaven and hell party” makes it relatively easy to gear up and turn up within a few hours.    Go all out given your prep time frame and party space.  It is suggested you designate at least two separate rooms for this event: one for heaven, and one for hell. (Turn Up Tip: Upstairs should be […]


Party Theme: Anything But Clothes (ABC)

Self-explanatory, right? An Anything but Clothes (ABC) party’s only rule is that you can wear anything. Yes, anything. As long as it isn’t clothing. SETTING THE ABC PARTY INTO MOTION: Ask your guests to attend in everyday items. Such items include, but are not limited to: (a) duct tape (and any tape, really); (b) burlap sacks or trash […]