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Foreign Celebration: Man Down (Russia)

Looking to the Soviets for some drinking inspiration?   Try “Man Down”, a traditional Russian drinking blowout. This tradition arose out of the heavy drinking culture that has long permeated Russian society. In 1540, Tsar Ivan the Terrible raised government money by creating a state monopoly on vodka production, opening government-run vodka bars called kabaks. In 1716, Peter the […]


Foreign Celebration: ¡La Tomatina!

Ever wanted to take a food fight to the next level?     La Tomatina is a Spanish tomato-throwing festival that is held yearly on the last Wednesday of August in Buñol, Valencia, Spain. This rager started in 1945, when during an unrelated parade, onlookers threw tomatoes at local animals to discourage their eating watermelons. One person accidentally […]


Party Theme: Greek Mythology

Not active in Greek Life? Not an excuse.   You’ve wanted god-like powers since you were a kid, so you could fend off mythical monsters while winning the admiration and eternal love of other deities.   Right?   Okay. Gear up:   (1)   Scroll invitations. Print out the invitations on off-white paper, and roll ‘em […]


Out of Control Party: Brawl in Perth, Australia

Western Australia. December 21, 2013. After midnight. Fifty people. One brawl. Police officer punched.  Australian cops ran into some problems getting local Perth kids to turn down. According to ABC news, “A policeman has been punched in the face and several other officers hit with glass bottles as they tried to disperse a crowd at an […]


Australia Day

Australia. Land of ex-convicts, marsupials, oversized snakes and spiders, UGGs, the outback, and endless beaches. So, what’s their annual tradition?   The biggest holiday in Australia is—you guessed it—Australia Day. Celebrated each year on January 6th (their summertime), this public extravaganza commemorates the 1788 arrival of the first British fleet to New South Wales. Though […]


Random Festival: Outside Lands (San Francisco, CA)

2008 introduced a few changes: Barack Obama as the first African-American U.S. president, legalized same-sex marriages in New Hampshire, and the near-closing of Sallie Mae and Freddy Mac. Oh right, we forgot something: The start of Outside Lands Music Festival!  Occurring in the heart of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, Outside Lands has run every year since 2008. […]


Random Festival: Full Moon (Thailand)

Most foreign festivals are yearly, leaving us counting down the days until the next one. In contrast, Thailand’s Full Moon Festival reduces your wait between turn up sessions to just one month!    Full Moon Festival is just that–celebrating the return of the full moon as a reason to get hyped. This festival pretty much guarantees the average moon-worshipers a special night […]


Foreign Celebration: Holi – The Original “Life In Color” (Hindu)

The “Life in Color” experience is actually an offshoot of an ancient Hindu celebration called Holi. Holi is meant to celebrate the end of winter and beginning of spring. It is also known as the festival of color or love. The celebration is broken into two days. The first takes place at night along a […]