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Kiesza – Hideaway

Some Other Great Stuff From Turn Up New Music Monday: DJ Heath Allan New Music Monday: Kevin Zelaya


Top Ten Party Movies of All Time

Everyone loves a good party, right? The movies that follow have some of the best partying scenes in cinematic history. Here’s our top 10 picks for movies with the best party scenes! 1. Animal House David Ansen of Newsweek said it best: “low humor of a high order” (August 7, 1978, p. 85). For example, […]


Five Reasons to Attend Ultra Music Festival

The anxiously awaited, highly anticipated 2014 Festival Season has arrived! And with it, comes the familiar question, “Which festival(s) am I going to attend?” The immediate answer may be, “ALL OF THEM,” but if you’re like me, that would be financially impossible. So, we must begin our hunt for the perfect festival(s). And, while obvious […]