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How Does a Strobe Light Work?

Strobe light. Stroboscopic lamp. Or just, strobe. With Ken Kesey of the 1960’s Grateful Dead having employed strobe lights as inspiration for his music, small wonder that today’s music fans—in particular, the EDM crowd—still employ this lighting tool to add an extra dimension to their nights getting hyphy!   For starters, strobe lights came from […]


How To Make An Apple Bong

Ever had weed but nothing to smoke it in or from? Never again. See below, courtesy of the experts at Turn Up.            Some Other Great Stuff From Turn Up How-To: Sneak in “Party Favors” Is She Actually Hot or Are You Just Drunk? A Brief Guide to Checking Yourself for Beer […]


How to Party-Proof Your Home

There are multiple ways to make sure your house party isn’t only a one night deal. One surefire method to doing so is to party-proof. How? Proper cleanup precautions before, during and after your event. Preparation more than pays for itself, as doing so streamlines the ordeal of cleaning up. For your sanity’s sake, don’t […]


How-To: Sneak in “Party Favors”

(Winter 2013-2014) You may have noticed that the temperatures have recently plummeted. Turn Up salutes the efforts of those who continue to brave black ice and wintry conditions. To make it easier on your wallet to get turnt in clubs and bars offering only pricey drinks and fare, Turn Up’s team has assembled the below five ways to sneak in party […]


What the Drink You Order Says About You

You and your friends settle down into your cushy barstools. Two tables over, a whiskey snob yaps on nonstop about how to smell, sip and savor whiskey based on the type of glass s/he’s holding. You’re thinking, Wow, this person overanalyzes his or her drink. What else does s/he overanalyze? You then find yourself thinking, […]


How to Make Kool-Aid® Wine

Not quite ready to (illegally) distill moonshine? Don’t have the room or equipment for beer-making? No worries. Test your DIY skills with this homemade Kool-Aid® wine recipe.     What You Need: (1)  A minimum of three weeks’ time. Better-tasting product for those who wait longer. (2)  Equipment: a)  Two pots. One is for disinfecting equipment. The other, […]


Two Drink Strategy

Some Other Great Stuff From Turn Up What the Drink You Order Says About You History of Alcohol Proofs Coffee Alcohol Drink Mixes: Irish Car Bomb


How use the Color of Your Outfit to Send a Message for the Night

Color is one of the ultimate mood-setters. That said, give serious consideration to the colors you don to next Friday’s get-together. Here’s an in-depth look at which colors mean what, and what atmospheres each helps to foster.   Black – While it may seem like a default or neutral shade, black can actually be one […]