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Hangover Cure: Hydrotherapy (AKA, Cold Shower)

Wash away the stink and toxins while you ease your muscles from whatever the hell happened last night.   Question: What could feel better than a nice, steaming shower? Answer: A shower that ends with a cold rinse.     Brief History of Hydrotherapy: Despite the modern availability of hot water, cold water rinses and […]


Hangover Cure: Eggs

How do you like your eggs cooked? Yup, one of your favorite breakfast foods also helps lessen the severity/length of hangovers. Eggs are chock full of cysteine, an amino acid that can break down leftover acetaldehyde within your liver. Translation? Think of your liver as a mop. Well, the cysteine in eggs (and other protein-rich foods) could be […]


Hangover Cure: Exercise

Nobody likes exercise, but a day long hangover is far worse. Unfortunately there is currently no miracle cure for a hangover. The best you can do you is follow some tips and tricks to ease the pain. It turns out that exercise, a term that frightens many, is actually good for you. Who knew? The […]


Hangover Cure: PartyAid

What doctor-developed drink do you reach for before, during and the morning after a rigorous night out? Hint: This beverage does not contain alcohol, but it lets you party harder. The game changer is PartyAID. Designed specifically for the weekend warriors this all-natural drink synergizes within your body. The result is an enhanced mood and a quicker recovery through […]


Hangover Cure: Laughing

Hungover? Watch something funny, because laughing helps. Your brain will release endorphins (alleviates pain) along with each giggle. As a bonus, laughing diminishes the levels of stress hormones such as cortisone (the “fight-or-flight” chemical) and epinephrine.     Some Other Great Stuff From Turn Up Hangover Cure: Exercise Hangover Cure: Sex Hangover Cure : Coconut […]


Hangover Cure: Sex

Let’s get the after-after-after party goin’!   Joris Verster, Ph.D. and assistant professor at Utrecht University (Netherlands), said in a 2010 issue of Men’s Health: “There is no research that shows that sex will make a hangover go away.” We beg to differ. The “chemical romance” of sex releases endorphins such as acetylcholine anddopamine, which boast opiate pain-numbing effect similar to […]


Hangover Cure: Water

Problem: Alcohol naturally dehydrates you. Fix and Prevention:    Ever snapped awake to a parched mouth after a heavy night of getting turnt? Yup, you already know why. Alcohol is a double-whammy on your body’s hydration levels: drinking anything alcoholic (yes, even beer!) dehydrates you. Fast. Compound this negative chemical effect with physical changes like increased bathroom trips […]


Hangover Cures: Seven of the World’s Weirdest

It is Sunday morning. The sun is too bright. Your head pounds with each tick of the clock—and yours is digital. You feel queasy, are sweaty with exhaustion, and peach fuzz has sprouted on your tongue overnight. You have a ten-page paper due in twenty-four hours, but you’d be lucky to churn out just one […]