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Drinking game: Beer Die

  Beer die is traditionally a “gentleman’s game”. Problem is, this outdated title excludes all the girls with tossing consistency, lightning reflexes, and—perhaps most importantly—drinking stamina. You know. The classy ladies. Game faces on, Ladies and Gents.       The object of beer die is to be first team to five (or seven) points, […]


Drinking Games: King’s Cup

Looking for a good icebreaker game? Need a  good game to play with new people? Then King’s cup is your game.   No matter the variation of King’s Cup you’re playing, the basic premise is the same. GET DRUNK.  You will need:  a deck of cards; a “king’s” cup (although not necessary) plenty of beer or some […]


Drinking Games: Fubar (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition/Relief)

This game is best left to the hardcore.   What You Need: –         A shuffled deck of cards, –         A table where you will scatter the cards face-down, –         Three or more buddies, and –         Either: (a) one shot glass per player; or (b) at least one beer for everyone participating.   Rules: Ace, two or three: Drink the number drawn. Example: […]


Drinking Games: Four Banger

FOUR BANGER: A fun way to get people up and moving! What You Need: Four full cans of beer, One ping pong ball, A large rectangular table (preferably a ping pong/beer pong table), and Four people.  How to Play: Place the four beers cans on the very edges of the table. Pick a teammate, and have […]


Drinking Games: Pass the Doody

This drinking game is simple, quick and easy to learn.  The Rule: Players must avoid ending up with the lowest card, or “doody”. Ace is the lowest “number”. What You Need: A deck of cards. A table with your friends gathered around. Beer. How to Play: Have everyone at the table grab a can of […]