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Drink Mixes: Rainbow Shots

Rainbow shots are easy enough to make. With some trial-and-error, your layered art pieces will be the center of your guests’ admiration!  For the original rainbow shot, remember to follow the steps in the order below.  Our recipe goes from red, to orange, to yellow, to green, and finally ends at blue (“ROYGB”). What you need: A cocktail […]


Drink Mixes: Top Ten Party Shots

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Drink Mixes: Colorado Bulldog

To spice up your party drink offerings, add the Colorado Bulldog. Think of the “White Russian” with a splash of Coca-Cola. Good thing is, you probably already have all the necessary ingredients. Just mix together: 1 shot vodka 1 shot Kahlua coffee liqueur 1 splash of milk 1 splash coca cola Enjoy your Colorado Bulldog!  Turn Up […]


Drink Mix: Gorilla Fart

You and your fellow primates craving a pleasurably-burning, yet simple-to-make, concoction? Try a Gorilla Fart.   Ingredients: Bacardi® 151, whiskey Suggested containers: shotglasses   Grab equal parts Bacardi® 151 rum and whiskey, and pour into shot glasses. Ideally, use one ounce of each for every two primates taking shots.   Feel free to play with […]


Drink Mixes: Irish Car Bomb

If the jager bomb isn’t quite for you, try its Irish cousin: the Irish car bomb.   Grab: ¾ pint Guinness ½ shot Irish cream liqueur ½ shot Irish whiskey Follow these steps: Pour shot of irish cream liqueur and irish whiskey into a shot glass (half and half of each) Cheers with friends Drop shot […]


What the Drink You Order Says About You

You and your friends settle down into your cushy barstools. Two tables over, a whiskey snob yaps on nonstop about how to smell, sip and savor whiskey based on the type of glass s/he’s holding. You’re thinking, Wow, this person overanalyzes his or her drink. What else does s/he overanalyze? You then find yourself thinking, […]