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Drinking Games: Four Banger

FOUR BANGER: A fun way to get people up and moving! What You Need: Four full cans of beer, One ping pong ball, A large rectangular table (preferably a ping pong/beer pong table), and Four people.  How to Play: Place the four beers cans on the very edges of the table. Pick a teammate, and have […]


Drink Mixes: Irish Car Bomb

If the jager bomb isn’t quite for you, try its Irish cousin: the Irish car bomb.   Grab: ¾ pint Guinness ½ shot Irish cream liqueur ½ shot Irish whiskey Follow these steps: Pour shot of irish cream liqueur and irish whiskey into a shot glass (half and half of each) Cheers with friends Drop shot […]


History of Alcohol Proofs

You know what alcohol by volume (ABV) is. But, there’s also this figure, called “alcohol proof”, which is basically double the ABV. Where does the concept of “proof” come from? Why do we need this second number? Okay, dorks. The following question-and-answer goes through some basic you-should-knows. (1)  Where is the concept of alcohol proof from? The practice […]


Hangover Cure: PartyAid

What doctor-developed drink do you reach for before, during and the morning after a rigorous night out? Hint: This beverage does not contain alcohol, but it lets you party harder. The game changer is PartyAID. Designed specifically for the weekend warriors this all-natural drink synergizes within your body. The result is an enhanced mood and a quicker recovery through […]


What the Drink You Order Says About You

You and your friends settle down into your cushy barstools. Two tables over, a whiskey snob yaps on nonstop about how to smell, sip and savor whiskey based on the type of glass s/he’s holding. You’re thinking, Wow, this person overanalyzes his or her drink. What else does s/he overanalyze? You then find yourself thinking, […]


Coffee Alcohol

Does the thought of used coffee grounds make you feel ill? Well, it could also make you drunk! Read on… Like most of America I start my morning with a cup of Joe. And by one cup, I mean three. This creates a lot of accumulated waste. Fortunately, scientists have come up with other uses for […]


Two Drink Strategy

Some Other Great Stuff From Turn Up What the Drink You Order Says About You History of Alcohol Proofs Coffee Alcohol Drink Mixes: Irish Car Bomb


Hangover-Free Beer (Beer “Gatorade”)

What country first invented hangover-free (electrolyte-infused) beer? If you answered Ireland or Germany, nice try. Those were our best guesses, too. The answer is Australia.  Aussie nutrition researchers at Griffith University’s Health Institute enriched commercial light beers with electrolytes. After distributing these concoctions to test subjects who had been subjected to a strenuous workout, Aussie researchers […]