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Australia. Land of ex-convicts, marsupials, oversized snakes and spiders, UGGs, the outback, and endless beaches. So, what’s their annual tradition?


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The biggest holiday in Australia is—you guessed it—Australia Day. Celebrated each year on January 6th (their summertime), this public extravaganza commemorates the 1788 arrival of the first British fleet to New South Wales. Though Australia didn’t gain independence from Great Britain until 1901, written evidence suggests that January 26th celebrations began as early as 1808.


In 1994, after centuries of celebrating it anyway, all Aussie states and territories accepted Australia Day as the official national day.





So, how do you do Independence Day, Aussie-style? Follow the steps below:


(1)   In 2015, Australia Day will fall on a Monday. Change your computer, phone or tablet wallpapers.


(2)  Sport red, white and blue threads, just as you would for July 4th.

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(3)  Consider UGG boots acceptable fashion. Don’t worry: just for this one day.


(4)  Grab dinner at Outback Steakhouse.



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(5)  Grab some vegemite to share. If you’re feeling particularly brave, try some more exotic options.

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(6)  Meet with your favorite mates at the local dive bar.


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(7)  Watch the Australian Open.


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(8)  Wear summer clothes or swimsuits under your winter clothes. After all, it’s summer somewhere!


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(9)  Celebrate your rager upside down.


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So, turn it up next Australia Day in solidarity with your friendly blokes and sheilas. Just watch out for the wildlife Down Under!

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Turn Up Tip: Award an “Australian of the Year” just as the Aussies do. If you’re unsure, just dedicate it to our dearly-departed, still beloved, Mr. Steve Irwin.

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